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Average Joe's, 1
captain: Michael Momot,   office: 630-544-8927
 registered team members 
• Shashwat Acharya • Nicholas Dodge • Allyson Douglas
• Megan England • Nicole Glanz • A. Chloe Golter
• Vikram Hari • Vikram Hari • Rahim Hudda
• Connor McElroy • Joseph Paffrath • Jacob Petrisko
• Jacob Petrisko • Adrianna Roseman  
Brews on First, 4
captain: Josh Hodny,   office: 319-295-8045
 registered team members 
• Louis DelVecchio • Josh Hodny • Eric Penne
• Paul Pompi • Sydney Porter • Jodee Ross
• Ken Running Hawk • John Schaefer • Alexis Timms
• Alexis Timms    
Charge it to General Time, 3
captain: Richard Korneisel,   office: 319-263-0331
 registered team members 
• Jack Becker • Michael Bush • Maggie Fields
• Mike Groth • Richard Korneisel • Rhys Kroes
• Ashley Peterson • Sigrid Sandstrm • Jesse Stufflebeem
• Chien Ming Tan • Onel Valdez  
DonΒ΄t Stop Ball-ieving, 2
captain: Bret Flint,   office: 319-295-2363
 registered team members 
• Molli Dickeson • Edward Eichler • Lyndsy Fadl
• Bret Flint • Sara Huber-Trenkamp • Ricardo Martinez
• Mac McCoy • Nancy McCoy • Jessica Muxen
• Alex Struminger • Deatra Waller  
Giant Celery, 7
captain: Alexa Eldridge,   office: 716-912-2476
 registered team members 
• Ryan Amann • Jani Dominguez • Ryan Downey
• Adam Duvick • Therese Frels • Jeremy Hartl
• Kevin Kang • Gavin Lachesky • Andrew Lee
• Jason Schmitt • Dan Vergara  
Hit Squad, 6
captain: Anthony Giannelli,   office: 319-263-2984
 registered team members 
• Jesse Bliss • John Davis • Sandra Davis
• Kelcey Fabianski • Jordan Johnson • Andrew Morey
• Nicholas Murray • Breana Philo • Colton Sanchez
• Jacob Soehlke • Jacob Somann  
Non Catchables, 5
captain: Woon Chung,   office: 319-263-8604
 registered team members 
• Anne Boxeth • Woon Chung • Aleksandra Dervisevic
• Raghav Gupta • April Hagen • Ricardo Iparraguirre
• Ali Joseph • Jay Kumar • Eshwar Pande
• mohit saini • Suganthi Selvaraj • Ramya Varadaraju
• FNU Varun Ananthasivan Srikrishnan    
We Got The Runs, 8
captain: Marenda Dodd,   office: 319-295-2583
 registered team members 
• Sarah DeLeon • Reggie Glenn • Mitchell Hagar
• Ali Hasan • Nate Kannas • Taylor Kroneberger
• Kennet Kuruvilla • Rachel Phelps • Christopher Ruelle
• Rob Walsh    
Lets Play Kickball
by: Kendra posted: Monday, July 15, 2019
★ Fall 2019 Team Registration Now CLOSED
Check out the Play Schedule under P O S T I N G S.

Kickball Tournament Coordinator
Co-Ed Tournament
by: Kendra posted: Monday, July 15, 2019
For more information contact Kendra Vick at

Kickball Tournament 2019
by: Kendra Vick posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
We invite all Collins Aerospace Employees and Contractors to form a Coed Kickball Team with their department. We will have a 2 day tournament with single elimination and a consolation bracket.

The event will be held October 7th & 8th.

The winner of this tournament will then receive the "Traveling Trophy" to hold until the following year.

Cost is $5 and the winning team gets t-shirts!

Share the team password with your players and be sure to register for your own team...

Sign up deadline is September 27th. Cost is $5.
Click to Register Your Team.

 edited: October 21, 2021 
Official Kickball Rules (Coed)

1. All Games will be seven innings or fifty minutes.
2. Ten players on the field at a time of which seven must be Male and three Female.
3. Pitching, Catching, and Fielding:
★ Balls must be pitched by hand. There are no restrictions on pitching style - "Bouncies" are allowed.
★ All fielders must remain behind the 1st and 3rd base diagonal until the ball is kicked.
★ The pitcher must start act of pitching within the pitching area and have one foot touching the mound.
★ The pitcher may not leave the mound until the ball is kicked.
4. Kicking:
★ All kicks must be made by foot or leg - below the knee.
★ All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. The kicker may step on the plate to kick. Anything else will result in a Strike.
★ No Bunting allowed.
5. Running and Scoring:
★ Runners must stay within baseline - any runner outside of baselines is Out.
★ When attempting to avoid a ball tag, runners may move no further then four feet out of their established path.
★ Fielders must stay out of baseline - interference with a runner will result in a free base.
★ No leading off or stealing.
★ Leaving a base before the ball is kicked is an Out.
★ A runner can tag on a fly ball.
★ Hitting a runner above the shoulders (NECK,HEAD) is not allowed and the runner gets the base they where heading too.
★ If the runner is sliding or ducking then head shots count as outs. (Referee will make the call on these instances)
★ Any ball that is overthrown out of bounds results in the base-runner getting an extra base, and then the play is dead.
★ Play stops when the pitcher has the ball in the pitching area. Base-runners that have stopped forward progress go back to their bases. If forward progress is moving toward the next base then they are awarded that base.
6. Strikes:
★ Three Strikes is an Out.
★ Strike zone is one inch all around home plate.
★ An attempted kick missed or fouled is a Strike.
★ Two Strikes and a foul ball is an Out.
7. Balls:
★ Four balls outside the strike-zone is a walk.
★ A pitched ball that does not strike the ground at least two times is a ball or Unkickable ball.
8. Outs:
★ Strikeout.
★ Any kicked ball that is caught.
★ A runner touched or tag by the ball or thrown at - as long as the runner is off the base and is legal is an Out.
★ A kicker that intentionally hits the ball with their hands or arms is an Out.
★ A runner leaving the base early before the kick has been made.
★ Running outside the baseline.
★ Missing a base.

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