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P L A Y E R S (2024)
 Thursday, January 4th — 50 registrations so far. 
Michelle Allison  Ryan Andrasco  Alexandria Ballard 
Aaron Borgos  Jonathan Crandall  Prashantha DK 
Steven Dodd  Timothy Farber  Jesse Fisher 
Tim Gale  Anthony Giannelli  Shannon Gonsalves 
Venkataraman Gunasekaran  Michael Hagerman  Mitchell Hagerman 
Grayson haggett  Ben Harmon  Kevin Hasselquist 
melissa Holvenstot  Ashley Jasunas  Isaac Johnson 
Taylor Kack  Manivannan Kannan  Jarod Kunc 
Brian Lang  Tommy Lee  Raymond Lor 
Akilesh Manchikanti  Julien Morand  Nathan Morand 
Raghavendra Naik  Ben Oliver  Nikki Ongie 
Chris Rogers  Eric Roush  Jacob Sandei 
Michael Schears  Holly Schmitt  Haley Sevening 
Neil Sharma  Taylor Sheffels  Ian Sheffert 
Adam Simodynes  Kari Sneitzer  Cora Spiegelhalter 
Melissa Spiegelhalter  Ryker Stelling  Todd Stelling 
Viswanathan Subramanian  Kelly Wollner   
 Wait List for Thursday, January 4th 
 Wednesday, January 10th — 53 registrations so far. 
Ryan Andrasco  Chase Bernauer  Presley Bernauer 
Aaron Borgos  Jonathan Crandall  Madison Dockter 
Timothy Farber  Anthony Giannelli  Brittney Graver 
Venkataraman Gunasekaran  Michael Hagerman   Mitchell Hagerman 
Grayson haggett  Kevin Hasselquist  Ashley Jasunas 
Taylor Kack  Emily Kamm  Manivannan Kannan 
Michael Keller  Drew Koering  Kenzie Koering 
Divesh Lakhi  Brian Lang  Tommy Lee 
Connor Levine  Raymond Lor  Julien Morand 
Nathan Morand  Raghavendra Naik  Amber Nevland 
Ben Oliver  Nikki Ongie  Julia Protexter 
Thomas Radomski  Jodee Ross  Eric Roush 
Michael Schears  Matt Schlegel  Holly Schmitt 
Haley Sevening  Taylor Sheffels  Ian Sheffert 
Adam Simodynes  Becky Smith  Kari Sneitzer 
Cora Spiegelhalter  Melissa Spiegelhalter  Viswanathan Subramanian 
Nathan Suell  Junhong Teng  NATHAN VAN SCHAICK 
Vishal Vasisht  Kelly Wollner   
 Wait List for Wednesday, January 10th 

 edited: November 27, 2023 
Mad Hatter Tournament Information

Two Tournaments Available (you can sign up for both)

Thursday, January 4th
Wednesday, January 10th

5:00pm - 5:20pm: Player Check-in
5:20pm - 5:30pm: Warm Up and Rules Review
5:30pm - 9:30pm: Tournament Play

6-8 games of Volleyball
4-6 Player Format
$10 Registration Fee

Guaranteed Top 10 Prizes

Refreshments Provided

A minimum of 20 players must be registered per session for the tournament session to take place.


What is a Mad Hatter?

A Mad Hatter Volleyball Tournament is a style of play in which people sign up individually and are randomly assigned to a new team each round of the tournament. (Think Alice and Wonderland's Mad Hatter Tea Party where they were always switching seats)

Game Play:

Games will be scored using Rally Scoring, first team to 25 wins (no need to win by 2). Due to the limited number of courts this tournament will contain byes. Players can expect to play a game, then have a bye, during each round of play. There may be instances between rounds where players may have to play back to back games, or have back to back byes. No more than 2 games or 2 byes will be back to back.

Collins Volleyball League Rules, (Section 8), and the USAV rules apply.


There will be one game played per round. Individual game scores will be tracked. For every game won, the individuals on the winning team will get a +1. For every game lost the individuals on the losing team will get a -1. Winners will be determined by most games won, with tie breakers being the number of delta points earned.

Delta Points Earned:

Example Game Results: 25-16
Winning team will get a +1 for games and a +9 for delta points earned (25-16)
Losing team will get a -1 for games and a -9 for delta points earned(16-25)

Teams will be 4-6 players depending on the total number registered:

If 20-30 or 37-40 players register: Teams will be 4s and 5s
If 31-36 or 41-48 players register: Teams will be 5s and 6s
Registration is OPEN
by: Mandy Dodd posted: Monday, November 27, 2023

Join us for the WINTER, Mad Hatter Indoor Volleyball Tournament at the Rec Center.


Registration is OPEN and only costs $10.

Two Tournaments Available
Thursday, January 4th
Wednesday, January 10th

There will be a limit of 48 players per tournament. Rec Center Membership NOT required, and the tournament is open to the public, so tell your friends!

If the tournament is full, simply place your name on the waitlist. (Select "Get on list" when you fill out a registration form). Last time up to 9 waitlist-ers made it into the tournament. So Sign up!

If you sign up and then later cannot participate refunds can be issued up to 48 hours prior to tournament start.

Tournament Contact:
Mandy Dodd 319-263-9167 (w) 217-254-5910 (c)

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